I am a Data & Strategy Nerd

I enjoy working on interesting problems with smart people.

Can I help you with any of the following?

  • Conversations about consulting, finance, or business

  • Points of view on projects involving Machine Learning and AI (the difference is: machine learning is written in code, AI is on slides)

  • Help proof-read written communications (decks, landing pages, etc.).

  • Help thinking with frameworks and templates for big picture strategy and day-to-day tactics

  • Geek out about technology and operations, data architecture, tech vendors, organizational design, and managing change

  • Continue to geek out about parenting, airplanes, rocket ships, great food, and travel

  • Help with SQL, Python, R, Microsoft Excel, and a other technologies


Financial services firms are immersed in data, with ever increasing expectations from customers, regulators, and investors. My team and I partner closely across the enterprise to strategize, align, deliver, and strengthen meaningful data transformations so that our clients deliver value that exceeds their own stakeholder expectations.

I'm a father, husband, and someone who enjoys seeking out new perspectives, experiences, and connections. I love learning how things work and how people come together. I am always looking for ways to help.