Hi, I'm Randy.

I write about and work at the crossroad of data, technology, and business.

Want to learn more about me?


Hi, I'm Randy Lariar

I'm a management consultant. I write and tweet about my experiences working with data and analytics in Financial Services.

I'm someone who enjoys dabbling in many things, finding new perspectives, experiences, and connections.

I love learning how things work and how people come together.

I am always open to chat.

My writing is a mix of consulting, finance, or business; Machine Learning and AI (machine learning is written in code, AI is written on slides); patterns, frameworks, checklists, and templates; Technology, data architecture, organizational design, managing change; Parenting, airplanes, rocket ships, great food, boating, travel; Interesting things you can do with SQL, Python, R, Excel, and TI-82 programable calculators